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 If we don't have what you're looking for, contact us, as we can special order many items. 

1978 Micromoog $800 SOLD. We have just received more vintage synths. They are being cleaned up for guaranteed function. We will update when they are on the floor for sale.

This is a clean monophonic vintage synth with all knobs, wheels, and pitch ribbons intact and working. We like to put this classic through our house Leslie. Great for the studio or gigs!

Farfisa VIP 600 $1,800

A combo organ from the late 70's like you've never seen before. This is an all analog, fully functioning vintage keyboard with too many features to list. After being totally renovated internally by a technician, this is one of the feature pieces in the shop right now. Stop by for a demo. This is a great piece for a studio, or the adventurous gigging musician.

 Roland VK7 Hammond Emulator $575

This keyboard packs one of the most accurate Hammond clones we've ever come across. It has one set of draw bars, percussion, an onboard Leslie emulator, as well as an 11 pin Leslie output. Try this out through our Leslie, get 425 pounds of tone in a 32 pound package. 

1979 American Fender P-Bass $1,900 SOLD

Smooth tone and that growl you want with this vintage P-Bass in great condition. Comes with a vintage hard shell case. Come by and try it, we doubt you'll be disappointed.
Cort Sunset New York $400 (pictured here is black, we only have the natural finish in stock currently)

Here we have an electric classical guitar from Cort. Light weight, and rich sounding. The glossy black finish on the LP style body make for a classy look. If you're in the market for a new classical guitar, check out the Cort Sunset New York. A great mix of style and versatility. 

Epiphone SG on consignment $375 SOLD

This neck through SG sounds and looks awesome. Comes with a hardshell case. If you're looking for a quality and affordable instrument, come plug this classic in.

Keep checking back for more featured items. As always, we encourage a visit to the shop to see our entire inventory.